Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Phineas and Ferb Party How to

 So, a few months ago I announced I was going to start blogging about party ideas and then I've only done one.  Oops! So here we go! We did this for my daughter's birthday --which was last December...my how time flies when I'm neglecting my blog! She started out wanting a Hello Kitty theme but decided to change to a more gender neutral party theme so she could invite the fellas. Anyway, our family loves Phineas and Ferb and so she decided to give that a try! It was a lot of fun and pretty quick to pull together so I thought I'd pass on a few ideas! Enjoy!

The Food
First things first...the cake! Since we usually have a friend party and a family party I try and have quite a bit of cake to go around.  For the actual baking of the cakes I just use a plain old box mix.  (I prefer Duncan Hines with an instant choc. pudding mix thrown in for good measure) As far as decorating goes I used two of my favorite tricks.  For the Phineas and Ferb cake I used stars to make a picture and for the cupcakes I threw a bunch of candy on it to make it look like something. Bam and done! The directions for both are below.

Perry the Platypus Cupcakes
2 dozen baked cupcakes frosted blue
1/2 cup extra blue frosting
2 dozen blue airhead candies
Orange wedge candies or orange circus peanut candies
2 dozen cream wafers
candy eyes (you can buy these at some grocery stores, on Amazon, or at party city)

Frost cupcakes. Place extra frosting in a bag and attach a small round tip.  You can use this like glue to hold your pieces together.  Refer to the picture above and follow these directions. Begin decorating by sticking the blue airhead straight in the cupcake and the wafer at a slight angle behind it. Use the frosting to secure the two together.  Cut the orange wedge candy into small triangular pieces for the beak.  Use the frosting to glue the beak and eyes into place.  Repeat for each cupcake.

How to draw a picture on a cake
Now there's not too much to Phineas and Ferb so I just freehanded this cake but with more complex characters I use the tried and true method below:

1) Find a picture you'd like to use (any cartoon character works fine)
2) Print the picture and trace the lines in frosting. Use the same color frosting as you used on the base of your cake.   That way if it doesn't turn out you can just spread it back into the cake and try again!
3) Turn the picture upside down onto your cake and press lightly allowing the frosting outline to stick to the cake.  Remember that your picture will be inverted so it works better if  your picture doesn't have words on it. If you want to use one with words just hold your picture up to the window so it's see through and trace it on the back of the page.  That way when you flip it on the cake the words will be the right way.
4) Using a small or medium sized star tip and firm frosting fill in your outline with the colors that you need.  
5) trace the outline of the shapes in black as needed for depth.
6) Fill in the background with stars too...use any solid color to really make it pop!

The Activities
1) Pin the hair on Phineas. Just like it sounds! Draw or print a large poster of Phineas minus the hair.  Make up some hair using construction paper or tissue paper or yarn.  Each kid gets a turn blindfolded and has to pin the hair in the right place.  The person who is closest wins!

2) Where's Perry? Get a Perry stuffed animal and kids take turns being it.  Whoever is it leaves the room and the rest of the kids hide it.  Then the player comes back in the room and the rest of the kids yell "hot" or "cold" while they try to find it.

3) Busted!!This is basically red light green light only if you catch someone moving on a red light you get to yell Busted! Just like Candace :)

4) Whatcha Doin' ? For this game everyone stands in a circle.  You ask the birthday kiddo "Whatcha Doin" and then they think of an action like "swimming".  Everyone in the circle then pretends to be swimming in place.  Then the birthday person asks the kid to their right the same question and everyone pretends to do what they are doing.  Kids keep asking to the right and following the leader. If they get really good you can add actions onto each other so that they have to do them all at once like pat their head, rub their tummy, jump on one foot, sticking out their tongue! :)

Party Favors
I'm kind of over the giant bag of cheapo toys that your supposed to send home from parties now. I do think it's good etiquette to send each guest home with a party favor but I just don't think it needs to be a big expensive bag of stuff.  So I usually try and think of a little something to send home that goes with the theme.  Here are a few little ideas I had for this party:

-Little purple bows that look like Isabella's for the girls. (you could even make your own)
-magnifying glasses
- secret agent hats
- Perry the Platypus craft (they make themselves)

So there you go! Let me know if you've ever done a Phineas and Ferb party and add your ideas below in the comments for others to try.  I'll end with a picture of my cute little 4 year old...who is almost 5 now! Happy Birthday (8 months ago) little girl!


  1. Fun ideas and I love the cake! I always use the method you describe to do my kids' cakes and they end up looking great. I am impressed with your freehanding! The cupcakes look really fun, too!

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