About the Name

One of my favorite books is Standing in the Rainbow by Fannie Flagg.  In the book there is a character named Neighbor Dorothy who is based on many of the radio homemakers of 1940s.  Radio homemakers were women who hosted their own radio talk shows from their homes.  These shows usually consisted of recipes, product reviews, musical guests, book talk, etc!  Since many women lived on farms or were separated by great distances these radio shows could give them a feeling of being connected or having a neighbor.  I suspect that is why Flagg gave her character the name Neighbor Dorothy.

In today's world people aren't separated by miles as much as they are separated by not having time to get together!  Between making dinner, driving kids back and forth to activities, working, cleaning, etc. who has time for a girl's night?  For thousands of years women got together to make quilts, bake bread, raise children, give birth, etc.  but with modern conveniences we can do (or buy) all of those things by ourselves.  I know as a mom I've had periods where I felt totally isolated in my own world!  I named the blog Neighbor Julia in an effort to feel connected to those who are going through the same thing.  A place where we can share recipes, have contests, talk about things that make our lives easier, and feel a little more connected.