Monday, November 1, 2010

Online Canvas Prints

Well, the World Series is upon us which means that our house has been taken over by baseball stats, fans, and commentary! Since my husband's attention is elsewhere I have plenty of time to surf the world wide web.

As I was cleaning out the inbox of my junk email account (yes I have an entire account just for the store newsletters I've signed up for) I realized that canvases are on sale on Winkflash right now. The current sale is only good through today but this is just the beginning of the amazing deals that all the online picture printing companies will run throughout the holiday season!

So if you have any printing needs coming up, (i.e. Christmas cards, Christmas presents, family pictures, etc.) you might consider keeping an eye on some of the online companies! I've printed canvases, calendars, magnets, cards, birth announcements, and key chains over the years and have been very happy with all of them! My two favorites are Winkflash and Shutterfly but I've also used Snapfish in a pinch. My advice would be to check all the sites before printing anything in order to find the best deal. In addition to whatever special they are running most of these sites will also give you 50-100 free prints on your first order!

As I mentioned before, I love to order canvases from Winkflash. I posted a picture of our current family picture above but here is a shot from further away so you can see how it looks with the rest of the room:

This year we ordered ours while canvases were on sale for 40% off. So a 16x20 canvas only cost $31.00! (I think that the prices may have gone up a bit but they still aren't bad!). Anyway, we had our friend Mark snap a picture of us in our backyard, ordered the canvas online, stuck it on a $5 pedestal from Ross and we ended up with a $36.00 family picture that looks like something you'd get from a professional studio! Plus you don't have to spend money on a frame! I get asked all the time where we got it now you all know!

So if you want to order a canvas for 30% off in the next 2 hours...go for it! But I'm sure these will come on sale again soon! Also keep your eyes out for Christmas card sales! You can get them pretty cheap on Winkflash plus they come with the envelopes! I will try to keep you posted on the online deals as I get them and feel free to share any deals that come your way! Happy hunting!


  1. All the digiscrappers seem to use Canvas On Demand for canvas-printing. My guess is that it's not as cheap as Winkflash (when Winkflash is on sale, anyway) but the quality might be slightly better -- or maybe the interface is easier to use. (This is usually the digiscrappers' complaints about Winkflash). (Price is the most important to me, though, so I still use it!)

    Also, your family room looks great! I need to come visit, since I haven't seen your new house yet (well, not with YOUR stuff in it)!! And when you come visit me, maybe you could give me some decorating help!!! :-P

  2. I'll have to check out Canvas on Demand! But I usually just go with whatever is cheapest :-) Also, you do need to come visit!! I'm super excited to come see you next month for our Very Baker Christmas Special!