Saturday, January 14, 2012

How To Make an Ice Ring or Wreath in a Bundt Pan

This was something else that we put together for the church activity the other night. I know it is kind of funny to have a water or ice recipe but it tasted very yummy and looked cool! So maybe this is more of a "how to" than a "recipe" post.

Refreshing Lemon Cucumber Water
My friend Jenny found this drink online. She finds great recipes and you can check out her blog at To make the water, thinly slice a lemon and a cucumber and place it in cold drinking water. Refrigerate. Giving it a little extra time in the refrigerator will allow the water to absorb some of the lemon cucumber flavor. Add ice and enjoy! I had never had cucumber in my water before but it was really yummy and went great with the slight lemon flavor. Instead of cubed ice we added an ice ring for a garnish.

Fruited Ice Ring
I have seen these before at weddings and whatnot but had never made one myself. Not only was it easy and cute...but it's a great way to save your ice maker from having to recover from a party (something our ice maker never does very well!). Here are some easy steps to make an ice wreath for you punch bowl.

1) Decide what kind of drink you will be making
2) Choose fruit that you think will look pretty in your ring and also won't change the flavor of your drink once it melts. (For example we were making lemon/cucumber water so I used lemons and cucumber in mine and garnished it with pomegranate to give it a brighter color)
Other ideas of pretty fruit: Oranges, limes, grapes, cranberries, melon, etc.)
3) Fill your bundt pan to desired thickness with fresh fruit.
4) Cover fruit with a portion of whatever drink you are using. Be careful not to fill your pan above the fruit level or your fruit will all float. Using the same drink to make your ice means that it won't dilute your punch as it melts. If you are using your ring in water then you can just use water to make the ice.
5) Place pan in a level spot in your freezer until it is frozen solid.
6) When ready to use remove from freezer and remove ice from pan. (Mine slid right out of the pan but you may need to run it under warm water to get it to release)


  1. What a great idea. I love that you shared tips, like helping out the ice-maker! It makes such an extravagant - looking "decoration" become so practical as well as awesome! I am glad it lost the cloudy look it seemed to have in the freezer. And that it only took a few hours to freeze - 8 or so, wasn't it? You help out with church functions so often, as well as tend 6 month old twins and a very busy barely 3 year old
    and kindergartener! And car pool! You are awesome! Love you Kath

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