Tuesday, December 17, 2013

How to Make a Felt Christmas Tree

You've probably all seen the different ideas on pinterest for felt activities for kids.  Last year I decided to make this Christmas tree in an effort to keep the twins (then 18 months) away from the real tree.  They loved it and still love it this year so I thought I'd pass this tip on.  All the pieces are detachable so you can move them around on the tree. They decorate it over and over every time they walk by.  Plus we haven't broken one real ornament this year since they have some other kid friendly decorations.  Other ideas I've seen are a dressable snowman or a Nativity scene.  If you have little kids/babies and 20 minutes of free time I would highly recommend making one of these! :)

 I don't really have a ton of instructions but maybe the picture can give you some ideas!  Here's what I did though:

What you need:
1/2 yard to 1 yd. green felt (depending on how big you want it)
other colors of felt  (I used red, yellow, blue and white)
cardboard backing (I used an old box...during Christmas we have plenty from Amazon)
ribbons, buttons, fabric scraps for decorating the ornaments
hot glue gun 

Instructions for tree:
I cut the cardboard into three strips that fit behind the Christmas tree.  I used three strips of cardboard instead of one so that the tree would hold its shape but could still be folded up for storage.   Cut the tree out of green felt and attach to cardboard with hot glue. 

Instructions for ornaments:
I made a yellow star, white garland and several round ornaments.  For the round ornaments I used a 3 in. round biscuit cutter and traced the circles on felt.  Then using a glue gun I attached buttons, ribbon and fabric for embellishments.  Just make sure not to add too many embellishments or your ornaments will be too heavy and not stay on the tree.  Also if your ornaments have a hard time staying on your felt board you can take a brush and scrub the felt so that it is slightly rough.  This will help it stick better for your kiddos.

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