Monday, February 29, 2016

Cheese Steak Sandwiches

So, I've had a major food aversion to meat this pregnancy but the other day I just really wanted a steak! I knew I probably couldn't actually tolerate eating a whole steak so I opted for these cheese steak sandwiches.

I first made this recipe a couple of years ago and I'm surprised I haven't already shared it here on the blog actually! It's super easy and yummy and 3 out my 4 kids even eat it. :)

Here are a few notes on this recipe: 1) Don't cheap out on the bread.  Get a good baguette to put this on! Something that will hold together but also taste delicious. 2) if not everyone is in agreement about mushrooms you can always saute them in a separate pan and people can add them as desired! 3) Some people like them with just the meat and cheese but I find it a little dry.  We add chipotle mayo to our and it is yummy! I've included it as optional in the recipe.  We just use Kraft brand but there are also some fancier looking chipotle sauces at the store or you can make you own! 4) Before slicing the roast get the meat really cold.  You can put it in the freezer for about an hour or leave it in the back of you fridge for a day before you make the recipe. This will help you slice it thinner and the thinner you cut it the more tender it will be in the sandwich.

Cheese Steak Sandwiches
2 lb. eye of round roast
olive oil 
1 green bell pepper (sliced into strips)
1 sweet onion (sliced into strips)
4-5 white mushrooms (sliced)
salt and pepper (to taste)
1 T. Worcestershire sauce
6-8 slices provolone cheese
chipotle mayo (optional) (we use Kraft but you can make your own)
6  hoagie rolls or baguettes

Slice cold meat as thinly as you can.  Break up slices into bite sized strips.

In a large frying pan, heat 1-2 T. olive oil and add bell pepper, onion and mushrooms. Saute until softened.  Remove from pan.  Add 1-2 more T. of olive oil, meat, salt, pepper and wocestershire sauce to pan.  Heat over medium heat, draining frequently, until meat is cooked through.  I drain my meat throughout the cooking process so that the meat gets a little crispy on the edges instead of getting tough. You can also use your cooking utensil to kind of break the meat up into bite sized pieces. Add veggie mixture back to the pan and mix together with the meat.

Turn off heat.  Cover entire pan with sliced provolone cheese and allow to melt.  Dish up meat and cheese mixture onto each of the hoagies.  Top with chipotle mayo if desired. Enjoy!


  1. You are so awesome! I made afghans for others and they bring us dinner sometimes (always a surprise). The latest was cheese steak! Max had one and said it needed some sauce on it! Next one I make will add parts of your recipe (our neighbor left the ingredients to be rewarmed). So now it will be a NeighborJulia treasure! Sometime I always miss now that we're tied here instead of visiting. Hope you are coping well with this important health time and we are so very proud and happy with your growing family. thanks for sharing!

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