Monday, November 7, 2011

Southwestern Crock-Pot Chicken Wraps

So this is one of my favorite recipes that I have from my sister-in-law Beth! I make it all the time...but it had been awhile since I'd made it last. I checked her blog to double check I remembered it right and found that she'd updated it! So I made it the updated way and it was super yummy as always!

I love crock pot meals any day...but they are especially awesome on a Sunday! We tend to always have extra people floating around on the weekends and crock pot meals are always great for feeding a crowd. This recipe is no exception! It makes a nice big pot full of food to feed a large group. If you want to make a smaller portion it is pretty easy to halve...or Beth recommends freezing the extra chicken.

She also makes it often to take to people when they need a meal brought in. (Then you could use half for your family and half for another family) I am always in need of new ideas of meals to take to people so I thought it was a great idea! Those of you who live close to me...maybe this will end up on your doorstep someday...try to act surprised :) Anyway, she has some great suggestions on her blog of how to transport it neatly and you can see those by clicking on this link: Beth's Southwestern Crock-pot Wraps.

I'm going to re-copy the recipe here too though. I hope you don't mind Beth! Hope you all enjoy it as much as my family does!

Southwestern Crock-pot Chicken Wraps
Crock Pot Chicken:
2 lb. frozen chicken breasts or tenderloins (a whole bag)
2 cans Rotel (Do not drain) (any brand diced tomatoes with green chile will do)
1 chopped onion (I usually only use about 1/2)
1 package dry chicken gravy mix
Spices (Beth doesn't measure them and either do I. Just give a few shakes of your favorites: garlic powder, marjoram, parsley, etc. or an Italian seasoning blend will work great)

Other Wrap Ingredients:
6 cups cooked rice
2 cans corn (I used 4 cups frozen corn and it worked too!)
shredded cheese
1 package flour tortillas

Combine all crock pot chicken ingredients in a crock-pot. Cook on low for 6-8 hours or on high for 3-4 hours. Shred chicken and leave in crock-pot until ready to serve.

When ready to serve, cook rice and corn. Heat tortillas. Layer rice, corn, chicken and cheese on a flour tortilla and wrap into a burrito. Enjoy!

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  1. Of course I don't mind! I think the world should know about this chicken. It's delicious. A baile in la boca is how my husband described it the first time we had it (six years ago now).

    It's morphed since I first started making it and yes, it's my go-to meal when I have to bring something to a new mom or a sick friend. I am pretty sure I've served it at two out of three kid's baby blessing luncheons when I've got a lot of family around, too.

    This is also really delicious on chips! If you've got some tomatillo ranch (a la Cafe Rio) then you could make this up into a salad, too!