Thursday, July 19, 2012

How to Chop (or Slice) an Avocado

Okay I'm back to talking about food!  You all thought I was joking about the 'how to slice an avocado" post but here it is!  I know it seems a little simple to warrant it's own blog post but I've passed this tip on to quite a few people so I decided to stick it on here!  It's a great way to chop avocado quickly without getting it all over your fingers and the cutting board. It also works great for chopping or slicing a mango. I even took step by step pictures just like all those big time bloggers! 

1) First, cut the Avocado in half and remove the pit.

 2) Next, using a knife carefully cut the fruit of the avocado into slices lengthwise without cutting the peel at all. (If you want slices for a sandwich or salad skip to step #4.  If you want it chopped move onto step #3)

 3) Cut the avocado in slices width wise to form dices.

4) Scoop out with a spoon making sure to run your spoon evenly along the peel to get all the avocado out.
5) Enjoy perfectly diced avocado in your salad without making a mess or getting it all over your fingers!


  1. Take your main finger and turn it topwise.

    So this is great for dicing or slicing, which is what I like most of the time. I noticed that the guy making the guacamole at Gabriel's just spoons it out with a big spoon that's the right size to get it all in one scoop. Would it be better to not slice at all if you're making guacamole and will mash the avocado up anyway?

  2. I use a similar method to cut up watermelon -- but I hadn't thought of it for avocado! Good idea!