Tuesday, March 12, 2013

New Cake and Party Tab

 We love birthday's around here and have a lot of fun planning out the parties!  Since this is our down season when it comes to birthdays, I thought I'd take some time and share some party ideas. I previously posted a Fancy Nancy party how to and thought I'd do the same kind of post for some of the parties we've had around here!  I also decorate cakes and will be sharing some tips on how to bake and decorate fun kids cakes.  These new posts will show up on my normal feed but can also be accessed by clicking on the new Party and Cake Tab located at the top of my site.  It will take me a while to get all the how-to's uploaded but here are some fun pics of posts to come!


  1. All your cakes are beautiful and I know from experience that they are sure tasty, too! You made me my birthday cake when I turned 28 (I think it was) -- thanks!

  2. Beth you made my cake when i turned 22! I remember because we are it right before Alex proposed! It was super yummy :)