Friday, September 2, 2011


This is a pretty frequent side to most New Mexican entrees. After having them a few different ways at a few different restaurant I was pretty sure I could try making them at home. I have roasted them in the oven several times but finally tried them out on the grill and I love them that way! This recipe will work with either cooking method, the only difference is how you cut the veggies! It's a very easy and healthy side dish!

2 Tbsp. olive oil
2 cloves garlic (minced)
1/4 cup onion (chopped)
3* zucchini
3* yellow squash
1 can corn (drained) 
1/4 cup chopped green chile (I use frozen but canned is fine)
salt and pepper to taste 
grated cheddar (optional)

*I am basing the number of veggies on the fact that they are super small here. If you are lucky enough to live in a part of the world where you can buy normal sized produce you may not need as many!

Saute garlic and onion in olive oil on low. Meanwhile, wash well and cut up zucchini and squash. (If grilling, cut into 1 in. bite sized pieces. If baking, slice into pieces about 1/2 in. thick.) Place veggies into a large bowl. Drain corn and green chilies and add to veggies. Toss with olive oil mixture until veggies are well coated. Salt and pepper to taste. Grill in grill basket until veggies are tender and edges slightly blackened. Or bake at 350 until veggies are tender and slightly browned. A lot of places serve them topped with cheese. I think they are yummy all by themselves but my girls and husband usually like a little cheese on theirs! It's up to you!

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  1. Oh man, these look yummy! I can't convince Nathan to buy a grill (he realizes that he would be the one to cook, I think) so I might just have to roast 'em. I bet it would taste quite a bit like that eggplant spread I made a week or two ago.

    (And I had no idea this was a New Mexican side. I think you are officially more of a New Mexican than I am.)