Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Fall Favorites

In honor of Halloween I thought I'd link back to some of my favorite fall recipes!  Give some of them a try!


  1. Yum, I love these! I have a request too. I just realized the world series just finished and it reminded me of your Pampered Chef parties right around this time of year, and I miss you guys and Los Alamos wahhhhhh! But my request- I think you made some super yummy pizza things with crescent roll dough for the crust. I can't find the recipe though. If you have it, will you post it? I love these recipes, everything you make is so good.

  2. Gina, go to the recipe index and try the veggie pizza snack and see if that's the one you're thinking of :) I will try to re-post it later this week so it's up front and center. Also, Los Alamos misses you too!! How are you guys?