Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Rainbow Oreo Cookies

Aren't these the cutest thing ever? My neighbor Tracy brought us dinner the other day and this is the dessert she brought with it. My girls just about flipped! They were so excited! They thought they were so fancy that they gobbled up all their dinner just to get a closer look at these fun cookies! So, I decided I had to pass this cute idea on.

I'm sure my girls would love if I made this for them again...but I'm also excited to have a quick and cute dessert that I could take to other people. Need something for a last minute party? A church potluck? Taking dinner to friends? A cute surprise for a child's lunchbox? BAM! Sprinkle up some Oreos!

Also, you could definitely fit these to any holiday by using different colored sprinkles! And...why stop at Oreos really! I mean what food wouldn't look awesome dipped in white chocolate and covered in rainbow sprinkles? Thanks again for the super fun dessert Tracy!!

Rainbow Oreo Cookies
24 Oreo cookies (Any variety! My neighbor used the strawberry cream kind and they were yummy)
1/2 cup melted wh
ite chocolate
1/2 cup rainbow sprinkles

Melt the white chocolate according to the package directions. (Most packages of white chocolate chips have microwaveable melting directions if you want to melt it quickly). Place sprinkles into another bowl. Dip an Oreo about 3/4 of an inch into the melted chocolate and then dip immediately into the sprinkles. Place dipped Oreo on a large piece of waxed paper or another non-stick surface to set. Repeat with the rest of the Oreos. Enjoy!

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